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Welcome to the very first posting for PedalPilgrimage.  As with all pilgrimages this will be an unfolding journey.  The first step–learning how to use the blogging technology.  I love to write! I am not real keen on solving technical issues, however.  But, as my Intel techie friend reminds me, once I am on the road for 10 weeks without his expertise and experience, I will largely be on my own to solve techie problems.

I invite you to follow me on this PedalPilgrimage.  If all goes as planned I will leave Portland in mid-July traveling 4000 miles over 10 weeks.  Over the coming months I will be shedding the shell of my life-long religious identity in the hopes of rediscovering its soul and essence. Something is dying…something is being born.  I can feel it.


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